Let us help you to get rid of those pests the right way. We offer you solutions that really work! Pest control is more than just pesticide applications, and we will work with you, advising you on what you need to do to both reduce your pest infestations as well as to prevent them. We offer pest control services for both domestic and commercial/industral clients, and our treatments are tailored to your needs: Domestic: Our homes are our safe havens, and we have no room for those unwanted

Promoting a Healthier Environment. We offer carpet and upholstery cleaning, microbial disinfection, supply and service of sanitary equipment, and deep cleaning services. We also supply a range of high level disinfection chemicals and SABS approved cleaning chemicals. Click on the tabs below to learn more.

No more shutting everything up. Keep all those flying pests out, while still allowing fresh air to come in. And when it comes to food preperation areas, this is a MUST!!! NO FLIES NO MOSQUITOES NO SNAKES NO MONKEYS Some of the benefits of our systems are: Reduced Air-con usage Reduced Pesticide usage Quality US Imported Glass Fibre Mesh Strong Aluminium Frames for R

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Carpet Cleaning is done to remove stains, dirt, and allergens. This will make your carpets or rugs more appealing to the eyes, as well as making them more healthier. While there are various methods of carpet cleaning available, we prefer to use the s

Clean Upholstery in very important to maintain health, as well as prolonging the life of your furniture. Dirt can damage the fibres deep down in your furniture, shortening its life span. By regularly cleaning your upholstery, you can save money in th

Microbial Fogging Services We achieve 99.99% disinfection using specialized cold fogging machines (see below for description).    What is Microbial Fogging? Our treatment is SABS , and has bee

        We supply a wide range of sanitary ware for offices, schools, restaurants, etc... These include ladies sanitary bins, toilet roll dispensers, air freshener dispensers, soap dispensers, and hand dr

Non-toxic to humans

Inspections, woodborer and termites

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Retractable Insect Screen systems can be installed on windows and doors and the appropriate accessory kits include all the components necessary for the different mounting options. Despite the simplicity of the systems, there are enough optons to

Sash Insect Screens have an effortless sliding motion and can be adapted to a two or 3 panel sash system. The system can be fitted to almost any window, regardless of whether there are burglar guards or not. Sash Insect Screens can be installed a

  Side Hung Hinged Door Insect Screens can also be fitted. Options include the midrail (to make it visible so as not to run into) or without.  

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Cockroaches are among the most common insect pests found inside buildings. They are a nuisance for both their repulsiveness to people,as well as for the diseases they spread. Some say that cockroaches are in fact clean

Entomologist Inspections After a stringent written and practical test, our inspectors prove their competence before carrying out entomologist inspections. All visible timbers are inspected for any wood destroying insects, and they will note other

      Termites are of great interest to Pest Control Operators because of their destructive behaviour. They cause Billions of Rands worth of damage around the world, and Africa