No more shutting everything up. Keep all those flying pests out, while still allowing fresh air to come in. And when it comes to food preperation areas, this is a MUST!!!



Some of the benefits of our systems are:

  • Reduced Air-con usage
  • Reduced Pesticide usage
  • Quality US Imported Glass Fibre Mesh
  • Strong Aluminium Frames for Reduced Corrosion
  • Customized to Fit Windows and Doors
  • Easy to Clean
  • Available in 3 Colours to Match Your Windows: Bronze, White and Natural 


We supply and fit custom made insect screens to fit almost any window and door, and we will have something that suits your needs.

We offer:

  • Vertical & Horizontal Spring Loaded Window Rollscreens
  • Horizontal Single & Double Door Spring Loaded Rollscreens
  • Side Hung Hinged Door Screens
  • Vertical & Horizontal Sash Screens


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Retractable Insect Screen systems can be installed on windows and doors and the appropriate accessory kits include all the components necessary for the different mounting options. Despite the simplicity of the systems, there are enough optons to

Sash Insect Screens have an effortless sliding motion and can be adapted to a two or 3 panel sash system. The system can be fitted to almost any window, regardless of whether there are burglar guards or not. Sash Insect Screens can be installed a

  Side Hung Hinged Door Insect Screens can also be fitted. Options include the midrail (to make it visible so as not to run into) or without.