Entomologist Inspections

After a stringent written and practical test, our inspectors prove their competence before carrying out entomologist inspections. All visible timbers are inspected for any wood destroying insects, and they will note other concerns that could affect or compromise the integrity of the timber. Our reports are detailed, and when needed, outline a course of action to remedy any infestations that may be present. If no infestations are detected, a clearance certificate is issued. 


Subterranean Termites (5 year guarantee)

Using a tank and a petrol pump delivery system, we inject the termicide into 10mm holes we've drilled into your foundations and cavities. We close the holes, leaving as little evidence of treatment afterwards as possible. We also eradicate termite nests and offer pre-construction soil treatments. 


Woodborer Fumigation Services

We use tarpaulins to cover the affected buildings, after which we introduce Methyl Bromide or Profume gas. This is an effective way to treat for woodborer, and we are equipped to handle almost any building when fumigating your home or office. Please beware of false claims of "technologically Advanced" liquid sprays replacing gas fumigations. This is a HOAX! And make sure they are using Methyl Bromide or Profume (the only pesticides registered in South Africa for use against woodborer) and not anything else (such as Phostoxin which is illegal if used for woodborer treatments).  

Heat treatments are also effective alternatives and can be done if requested.   

 An example of a tent fumigation of a bed and breakfast