Biokill deals with a broad range insect pests, and works well in both Industrial and Domestic applications. This is done using Cold Fogging Equipment (ULV) allowing the product to be applied broadly and in ultra low droplet size. The active ingredient of Biokill is Permethrin, but due to its low concentrate, combined with a unique formulation, the end product is rendered much safer (extremely low hazardous pesticide with an LD on rats > 5000mg/kg) and has no measurable effects on mammals. No need for the usual evacuation and emptying of cupboards is necessary.


BioKill in a nutshell:

  • Effective against ALL insect pests, e.g. cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, booklice, ants, ticks, moths, mites, beetles, silverfish, bees, wasps, etc...
  • Revolutionary formulation with broad-spectrum efficacy.
  • Covers a very broad range of applications in homes, as a pesticide on plants indoors, outdoors and in facilities, restaurants, public buildings, hospitals, zoos, and others.
  • Residual effective up to 4 weeks. 

Safe in all applications, BioKill:

  • is economical
  • is effective against all insects
  • has no unpleasant smells
  • does no damage to any surface
  • has no bio accumulation
  • will not be a fire hazard
  • will not affect the ozone layer



BioKill is a product from Switzerland that has been used extensively in Europe since 1985. The safest product on the market!


Fogging versus spraying

Spraying - Using hand pumps, a course droplet spray is applied to control a variety of insects. As this method of spray is localised to the affected areas, it is often insect specific (being sprayed for instance on floor areas for fleas or cupboards for cockroaches/fish moths).Cupboards that need to be sprayed need to be emptied of all content to avoid contamination of food stuffs, cutlery, or other sensitive materials.

Fogging - This involves the use of a fogging machine that reduces the particle size of the droplet, creating a fine mist that permeates the entire area. Usually the area must be evacuated and all cutlery / utensils covered (except when using Biokill which has no effects on mammals). This will offer a quick knock down and will reach areas conventional course sprayers cannot.