Carpet Cleaning is done to remove stains, dirt, and allergens. This will make your carpets or rugs more appealing to the eyes, as well as making them more healthier. While there are various methods of carpet cleaning available, we prefer to use the scrub, rinse and dry method. 

  First, all stained or heavily soiled areas, along with walkways, are pretreated to break the binding of soils to carpet fibres. These emulsifiers take minutes to work, loosening the stubborn dirt and grease. Next, we shampoo the carpets or rugs using a soft bristle industrial scrubbing machine. This effectively loosens all the dirt from the carpet fibres. Rinsing is the crucial step many people fail to implement. Soap attracts dirt, and if not rinsed, will remain in the carpets to attract more dirt, making the carpets dirty soon thereafter, if not dirtier. 


The carpets are then vacuumed using industrial machines. Carpets should be dried as much as possible, otherwise over wet carpets will attract dirt and can also lead to bad odours. This should be done every six months to maintain a healthier home.